About Me


'Novi Twinkle Toes'

It was clear that I loved performing and taking on roles ever since I walked into my first preschool class at 2 years old and when asked what my name was, loudly proclaimed "Novi Twinkle Toes!"  No one had called me that before, I made it up myself, and it made my flair for the dramatic hugely apparent!

My first love is being on the stage, but when I am not rehearsing or performing, I love to travel, I adore all things Disney, I cherish my time with my friends, and I just melt around animals - especially my whoodle (poodle/wheaten terrrier), Minnie...see, I really WAS telling the truth about LOVING Disney!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit the bottom of my contact page to check out my upcoming performances!

     -  Novi